Craigneuk Clean Up

This week, there is going to be two clean up days in Craigneuk, including Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th June 2022.

You may have noticed an increase in waste in some gardens and streets within your area recently, which has resulted in an increase in vermin being spotted in the area.

The above dates have been arranged to assist you as a community to improve your area where North Lanarkshire Council will be providing 7 skips which will be located around the Craigneuk area. They ask that in those areas where a skip is going to be placed in a car park, residents refrain from parking in that area between 8am and 4pm. They will also have staff onsite litter picking and removing rubbish from open spaces. Skips will be available between 9am and 4pm.

As part of the clean up initiative, NLC have arranged for the Environmental Team to empty all contaminated bins within the area.

Please place all bins kerbside for 7am on THURSDAY 3oTH JUNE 2022 to allow these to be emptied.

Please note this is a one off service and all households should ensure they are using their bins appropriately following North Lanarkshire Councils recycling guidelines.

Your waste is your responsibility, please use this opportunity to assist in making your area an attractive place for you and your neighbours to live. You should take the time leading up to these dates to start the process of gathering all items and waste to be disposed of to ensure you maximise the use of this one off service.

The following must not be placed in skips:

  • No large electrical items i.e. Fridges/freezers
  • Washing machines
  • Televisions or microwaves
  • Tyres
  • Hazardous waste i.e. asbestos type materials

If you require assistance on the day please contact the council on 01501 824747 and we they will be happy to assist.

Advice for residents

Rats are attracted by food, so you should remove any possible source of food from your garden and surrounding area.

Follow this advice:

  • Keep your garden free of any rubbish. Rats will easily rip open bin bags to look for food. If you regularly have too much waste in your general waste bin, which means the lid is open, then rats will easily get access. If you use your recycling bins to sort your rubbish you should have enough space in your residual black bin.
  • If you put out seeds or nuts for birds, clear any leftover food away at the end of the day. Rats tend to leave their nest at night to look for food and will eat any food that falls from bird feeders or tables. Find more helpful hints about bird feeding and avoiding rodents on NLC website.
  • Place all rubbish in your bins and keep the lids closed, particularly the food and garden waste bin and residual waste bin.
  • Keep bins away from a fence or wall where possible as rats can climb then jump onto a bin to reach food.
  • Rats only need a gap of 15mm to get through to gain access, so to prevent any access to your house seal up any gaps in walls or around pipes with cement mortar.
  • The usual cost for rat and mice removal (£49.15) has been temporarily waived due to the number of infestations we are currently seeing across our communities, meaning all residents in North Lanarkshire can temporarily access this service for free.

If you see rats or find evidence they might be present at your home, phone 0345 143 0015 or report a pest problem on the NLC website.